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Cirque Du Freak: A Living Nightmare

Darren Shan I‘VE ALWAYS BEEN FASCINATED BY spiders. I used to collect them when I was younger. I’d spend hours rooting through the dusty old shed at the bottom of our garden, hunting the cobwebs for lurking eight-legged predators. When I found one, I’d bring it in and let it loose in my bedroom. It used to drive my mom crazy! Usually, the spider would slip away after no more than a day or two, never to be seen again, but sometimes they hung around longer. I had one who made a cobweb above my bed and stood guard for almost a month. Going to sleep, I used to imagine the spider creeping down, crawling into my mouth, sliding down my throat, and laying loads of e.g. in my belly. The baby spiders would hatch after a while and eat me alive, from the inside out. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Elements of classical thermodynamics for advanced students of physics

A.B. PippardThe science ofthermodynamics, in the widest sense in which the word is used nowadays, may be said to be concerned with the understanding and interpretation of the properties of matter in so far as they are affected by changes of temperature. In this sense thermodynamics ranks as one ofthe majorsubdivisions ofphysical science, and a variety of mathematical and experimental techniques may be invoked to aid its advancement, with the ultimate aim of providing an explanation ofthe observed properties of matter at all temperatures in terms of its atomic constitution and the forces exerted by atoms upon one another. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Big Data Analytics

Soraya Sedkaoui, PhD Mounia Khelfaoui, PhD Nadjat Kadi, PhDIn recent years, significant investments have been made in companies’ infra-structure to increase their data collection capacity. Practically, all aspects of a business are now open to data collection: operations, manufacturing, supply chain management, customer behavior, the performance of marketing campaigns, flow management procedures, etc. Simultaneously, data about events outside the company, such as market trends, company news, and competitors’ activities, is now widely available. This data availability has sparked a growing interest in methods of extracting useful information and knowledge from data: the field of “big data analytics.” جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

A strophysics in a Nutshell

Dan MaozThis textbook is based on the one-semester course “Introduction to Astrophysics,” taken by third-year physics students at Tel-Aviv University, which I taught several times in the years 2000–2005. My objective in writing this book is to provide an introductory astronomy text that is suited for university students majoring in physical science fields (physics, astronomy, chemistry, engineering, etc.), rather than for a wider audience, for which many astronomy textbooks already exist. I have tried to cover a large and representative fraction of the main elements of modern astrophysics, including some topics at the forefront of current research. At the same time, I have made an effort to keep this book concise. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

An Introduction to Biotechnology

W. T. GodbeyThis book was written for the student with little to no biology background. The goal of the book is to introduce the student to the world of biotechnology but in a way that runs deeper than a mere survey. There are a myriad of biotechnolo-gies in the world today, and the number continues to grow. I happen to find the world of biotechnology a very exciting world, and I want to share that excite-ment with you, the reader. However, to fully appreciate just how cool some of these technologies are, one must understand some of the science underlying the glamour. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

A Course in Phonetics

Peter Ladefoged , Keith Johnson The sixth edition marks a transition in A Course in Phonetics. This is the first edi-tion to appear since the death of Peter Ladefoged. When I was asked by his widow Jenny Ladefoged and publisher Michael Rosenberg to produce this new edition of the Course, I was honored but also quite daunted. Through five editions, this book has been an almost ideal tool for teaching phonetics. When you start from such a high point, there is a lot of room to go down and not much room to go up. As in previous editions of this book, there is an introduction to how speech is produced, a description of speech in acoustic terms, and instruction in practical phonetic skills. These approaches all use phonetic transcription. Whether you are a speech pathologist, an opera singer, a linguist, an actor, or any other student of speech, you need to be able to represent the sounds of speech by using the symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). This is the accepted way of recording observations of what people say. Ordinary spelling does not allow you to represent all the subtle variations that occur when different people talk. Learning to use the IPA symbols is an essential part of phonetics. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics

David Crystal It is over twenty-five years since the first edition of this book, and the plaint with which I began the preface to that edition remains as valid as ever. What is needed, I said then, is a comprehensive lexicographical survey, on historical principles, of twentieth-century terminology in linguistics and phonetics. And I continued, in that and the subsequent four prefaces, in the following way. We could use the techniques, well established, which have provided dictionaries of excellence, such as the Oxford English Dictionary. The painstaking scrutiny of texts from a range of contexts, the recording of new words and senses on slips, and the systematic correlation of these as a preliminary to representing patterns of usage: such steps are routine for major surveys of general vocabulary and could as readily be applied for a specialized vocabulary, such as the present undertaking. Needless to say, it would be a massive task – and one which, for linguistics and phonetics, has frequently been initiated, though without much progress. I am aware of several attempts to work along these lines, in Canada, Great Britain, Japan and the United States, sometimes by individuals, some-times by committees. All seem to have foundered, presumably for a mixture of organizational and financial reasons. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

A PhD Is Not Enough A Guide to Survival in Science

Peter J. Feibelman My scientific career almost never happened. I emerged from graduate school with a PhD and excellent tech-nical skills but with little understanding of how to sur-vive in science. In this, I was not unusual. Survival skills are rarely part of the graduate curriculum. Many pro-fessional scientists believe that “good” students find their way on their own, while the remainder cannot be helped. This justifies neglect and, perhaps not inciden-tally, reduces work load. There may be some sense to the Darwinian selection process implicit in “benign ne-glect,” but on the whole, failing to teach science sur-vival results in wasting a great deal of student talent and time, and not infrequently makes a mess of stu-dents’ lives. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Cosmetics and Dermatological Problems and Solutions

Zoe Diana Draelos, MDAs the understanding of skin, hair, and nail physiology has evolved, so too has the design of products to enhance the appearance of these external structures. This book is designed to aid the dermatologist in understanding and utilizing these products in daily practice. The book is organized first by struc-ture in terms of the skin, hair, and nails. This layout was selected because dermatologists are the medical experts in charge of disease and appearance issues related to the skin, hair, and nails. After reading this book, the dermatologist should have a fundamental understanding of the formulation, application, side effects, and issues of special interest as related to nonprescription products to maintain and enhance appear-ance. All the products discussed are in the over-the-counter realm, not traditionally covered by dermatology textbooks. Yet, the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and nails is accom-plished solely by the use of over-the-counter products, which makes the reading of this book important. The dermatologists must learn to make recommendations and identify problems related to over-the-counter products. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Literary Theory_ A Very Short Introduction

Jonathan Culler Many introductions to literary theory describe a series of ‘schools’ of criticism. Theory is treated as a series of competing ‘approaches’, each with its theoretical positions and commitments. But the theoretical movements that introductions identify – such as structuralism, deconstruction, feminism, psychoanalysis, Marxism, and new historicism – have a lot in common. This is why people talk about ‘theory’ and not just about particular theories. To introduce theory, it is better to discuss shared questions and claims than to survey theoretical schools. It is preferable to discuss important debates that do not oppose one ‘school’ to another but may mark salient divisions within movements. Treating contemporary theory as a set of competing approaches or methods of interpretation misses much of its interest and force, which come from its broad challenge to common sense, and from its explorations of how meaning is created and human identities take shape. I have preferred to take up a series of topics, focusing on important issues and debates about them and on what I think has been learned. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Trick or Truth

Anthony Aguirre, Brendan Foster, Zeeya MeraliThis book is a collaborative project between Springer and The Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi). In keeping with both the tradition of Springer’s Frontiers Collection and the mission of FQXi, it provides stimulating insights into a frontier area of science, while remaining accessible enough to benefita non-specialist audience. FQXi is an independent, nonprofit organization that was founded in 2006. It aims to catalyze, support, and disseminate research on questions at the foundations of physics and cosmology. The central aim of FQXi is to fund and inspire research and innovation that is integral to a deep understanding of reality, but which may not be readily supported by conventional funding sources. Historically, physics and cosmology have offered a scientific framework for comprehending the core of reality. Many giants of modern science—such as Einstein, Bohr, Schrödinger, and Heisenberg—were also passionately concerned with, and inspired by, deep philosophical nuances of the novel notions of reality they were exploring. Yet, such questions are often over-looked by traditional funding agencies. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Film Music A Very Short Introduction

Kathryn KalinakFilm music can be defi ned as music either directly composed or expressly chosen to accompany motion pictures. As a practice, it is as old as cinema itself—the very fi rst projected images in many places around the globe either captured a musical performance or was accompanied by one. Even in those places where accompaniment did not initially attend motion pictures, it would soon do so. Film music has been both live and recorded, both newly composed and compiled from existing sources, both meticulously orchestrated and produced spontaneously through improvisation. It does not operate in exactly the same way across time, across cultures, and sometimes even within cultures. Across the board, however, it is characterized by its power to defi ne meaning and to express emotion: fi lm music guides our response to the images and connects us to them. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد