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The Research Manual

Evelyn Hatch and Anne LazaratonWe like to think that it is human nature to be curious. Every day of our lives, we ask ourselves questions. We wonder why a lesson that worked well last term doesn't work this time. We wonder what makes birds sing, why some people speak almost in a monotone, what signals people use to show that some things they want to say are new and important. We wonder about almost everything. It is curiosity that drives research. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Big Data Analytics

Soraya Sedkaoui, PhD Mounia Khelfaoui, PhD Nadjat Kadi, PhDIn recent years, significant investments have been made in companies’ infra-structure to increase their data collection capacity. Practically, all aspects of a business are now open to data collection: operations, manufacturing, supply chain management, customer behavior, the performance of marketing campaigns, flow management procedures, etc. Simultaneously, data about events outside the company, such as market trends, company news, and competitors’ activities, is now widely available. This data availability has sparked a growing interest in methods of extracting useful information and knowledge from data: the field of “big data analytics.” جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics

David Crystal It is over twenty-five years since the first edition of this book, and the plaint with which I began the preface to that edition remains as valid as ever. What is needed, I said then, is a comprehensive lexicographical survey, on historical principles, of twentieth-century terminology in linguistics and phonetics. And I continued, in that and the subsequent four prefaces, in the following way. We could use the techniques, well established, which have provided dictionaries of excellence, such as the Oxford English Dictionary. The painstaking scrutiny of texts from a range of contexts, the recording of new words and senses on slips, and the systematic correlation of these as a preliminary to representing patterns of usage: such steps are routine for major surveys of general vocabulary and could as readily be applied for a specialized vocabulary, such as the present undertaking. Needless to say, it would be a massive task – and one which, for linguistics and phonetics, has frequently been initiated, though without much progress. I am aware of several attempts to work along these lines, in Canada, Great Britain, Japan and the United States, sometimes by individuals, some-times by committees. All seem to have foundered, presumably for a mixture of organizational and financial reasons. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Cosmetics and Dermatological Problems and Solutions

Zoe Diana Draelos, MDAs the understanding of skin, hair, and nail physiology has evolved, so too has the design of products to enhance the appearance of these external structures. This book is designed to aid the dermatologist in understanding and utilizing these products in daily practice. The book is organized first by struc-ture in terms of the skin, hair, and nails. This layout was selected because dermatologists are the medical experts in charge of disease and appearance issues related to the skin, hair, and nails. After reading this book, the dermatologist should have a fundamental understanding of the formulation, application, side effects, and issues of special interest as related to nonprescription products to maintain and enhance appear-ance. All the products discussed are in the over-the-counter realm, not traditionally covered by dermatology textbooks. Yet, the maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and nails is accom-plished solely by the use of over-the-counter products, which makes the reading of this book important. The dermatologists must learn to make recommendations and identify problems related to over-the-counter products. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Oxford Dictionary of Current Idiomatic English

 جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Mathematical methods For students of physics and related fields

Sadri Hassani In this new edition, which is a substantially revised version of the old one, I have added five new chapters: Vectors in Relativity (Chapter 8), Tensor Analysis (Chapter 17), Integral Transforms (Chapter 29), Calculus of Varia-tions (Chapter 30), and Probability Theory (Chapter 32). The discussion of vectors in Part II, especially the introduction of the inner product, offered the opportunity to present the special theory of relativity, which unfortunately, in most undergraduate physics curricula receives little attention. While the main motivation for this chapter was vectors, I grabbed the opportunity to develop the Lorentz transformation and Minkowski distance, the bedrocks of the special theory of relativity, from first principles. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

grokking algorithms

Aditya Y. Bhargava Grokking Algorithms is a fully illustrated, friendly guide that teaches you how to apply common algorithms to the practical problems you face every day as a programmer. You'll start with sorting and searching and, as you build up your skills in thinking algorithmically, you'll tackle more complex concerns such as data compression and artificial intelligence. Each carefully presented example includes helpful diagrams and fully annotated code samples in Python. Learning about algorithms doesn't have to be boring! Get a sneak peek at the fun, illustrated, and friendly examples you'll find in Grokking Algorithms on Manning Publications' YouTube channel. Continue your journey into the world of algorithms with Algorithms in Motion, a practical, hands-on video course available exclusively at Manning.com (www.manning.com/livevideo/algorithms-in-motion). Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Analyzing Grammar

Paul r. Kroeger Analyzing Grammar is a clear introductory textbook on grammatical analy-sis, designed for students beginning to study the discipline. Covering both syntax (the structure of phrases and sentences) and morphology (the structure of words), it equips them with the tools and methods needed to analyze gram-matical patterns in any language. Students are shown how to use standard notational devices such as Phrase Structure trees and word-formation rules, as well as prose descriptions, and are encouraged to practice using these tools through a diverse range of problem sets and exercises. Emphasis is placed on comparing the different grammatical systems of the world’s languages. Topics covered include word order, constituency, case, agreement, tense, gender, pronoun systems, inflection, derivation, argument structure, and Grammatical Relations, and a useful glossary provides a clear explanation of each term. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Schools of Linguistics

Competition and evolution Geoffrey Sampson جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Progressive Sight Singing

Carol Krueger Progressive Sight Singing, Third Edition, is designed to help students develop rhythmic and melodic reading skills in aural skills classes. Whether students are novices and need basic instruction or have considerable background in music, they will find in this text the information they need to read with accuracy and fluency. Through carefully paced instruction and exercises, the text introduces concepts in a sequential manner and limits explanations to the essentials, thereby increasing the likelihood of students’ success in attaining requisite aural skills. The material in this text is a synthesis of my formal education and my experiences teaching musicianship skills to students of various levels and orientations: singers and instrumentalists; music education, performance, composition, and conducting majors; and middle and high school choral and theory students. The skill level of the majority of the students whom I encountered was surprisingly weak. Those who had prior knowledge and skills were missing crucial elements and were not truly inde-pendent musicians. To address these needs, I developed materials based on learning theory concepts that would facilitate the development of independent, literate musi-cians. The first edition of this book was successfully class tested at a number of institu-tions nationwide prior to publication. It was very gratifying to see how many schools and institutions adopted it and to hear about the improvements in student success rates. The second edition expanded and rebalanced the topic coverage to encompass the four-semester course sequence. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Physics for the IB Diploma

K. A. Tsokos This sixth edition of Physics for the IB Diploma is fully updated to cover the content of the IB Physics Diploma syllabus that will be examined in the years 2016–2022. Physics may be studied at Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL). Both share a common core, which is covered in Topics 1–8. At HL the core is extended to include Topics 9–12. In addition, at both levels, students then choose one Option to complete their studies. Each option consists of common core and additional Higher Level material. You can identify the HL content in this book by ‘HL’ included in the topic title (or section title in the Options), and by the red page border. The four Options are included in the free online material that is accessible using education.cambridge.org/ibsciences. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد 

Trading price action trends

Al BrooksThere is a reason why there is no other comprehensive book about price action written by a trader. It takes thousands of hours, and the financial reward is meager compared to that from trading. However, with my three girls now away in grad school, I have a void to fill and this has been a very sat-isfying project. I originally planned on updating the first edition of Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar (John Wiley & Sons, 2009), but as I got into it, I decided instead to go into great detail about how I view and trade the markets. I am metaphorically teaching you how to play the violin. Everything you need to know to make a liv-ing at it is in these books, but it is up to you to spend the countless hours learning your trade. After a year of answering thousands of questions from traders on my website at www.brookspriceaction.com, I think that I have found ways to express my ideas much more clearly, and these books should be easier to read than that one. The earlier book focused on reading price action, and this series of books is instead centered on how to use price action to trade the markets. Since the book grew to more than four times as many words as the first book, John Wiley & Sons decided to divide it into three separate books. This first book covers price action basics and trends. The second book is on trading ranges, order management, and the mathematics of trading, and the final book is about trend reversals, day trading, daily charts, options, and the best setups for all time frames. Many of the charts arealsoinReading Price Charts Bar by Bar, but most have been updated and the discussion about the charts has also been largely rewritten. Only about 5 percent of the 120,000 words from that book are present in the 570,000 words in this new series, so readers will find little duplication. جهت استعلام قيمت و سفارش چاپ اين محصول لطفا با انتشارات گنج حضور تماس حاصل فرماييد