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Pharmacognosy embraces a number of scientific and other disciplines providing a unified and comprehensive treatment of medicinal plants. There are constant advances and changes affecting all areas of the subject and, as in the past, this 16th edition addresses these new developments while at the same time maintaining the fundamental concepts required for the teaching of all aspects of the subject. It should continue to be of value not only to those of a pharmaceutical and medical persuasion but also to scholars of other disciplines who have an interest in natural products. Over 60 crude drugs, recently included in editions of the European and British pharmacopoeias, have now been given separate entries in Part 3.

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The Trouble with Being Born

Three in the morning, I realize this second, then this one, then the next: I draw up the balance sheet for each minute. And why all this? Because I was born. It is a special type of sleeplessness that produces the indictment of birth.

“Ever since I was born”—that since has a resonance so dreadful to my ears it becomes unendurable. There is a kind of knowledge that strips whatever you do of weight and scope: for such knowledge, everything is without basis except itself.

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Theory of Elasticity and Thermal Stresses

These publications are a result of our dedication to teaching engineering students on these subjects of Mechanics. Publication details of our three textbooks will be found at the end of this Preface.

The new book that we now present here is the crowning achievement of our activities in these fields. It comprises the problems contained in the three listed books, together with detailed solutions and explanations. Thus, Part I is related to the book The Mathematical Theory of Elasticity, Part II covers the problems in the book Thermal Stresses, and Part III covers problems in the book Thermal Stresses— Advanced Theory and Applications.

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I see in Lunaya Pravda that Luna City Council has passed on first reading a bill to examine, license, inspect--and tax--public food vendors operating inside municipal pressure. I see also is to be mass meeting tonight to organize "Sons of Revolution" talk-talk.

My old man taught me two things: "Mind own business" and "Always cut cards." Politics never tempted me. But on Monday 13 May 2075 I was in computer room of Lunar Authority Complex, visiting with computer boss Mike while other machines whispered among themselves. Mike was not official name; I had nicknamed him for Mycroft Holmes, in a story written by Dr. Watson before he founded IBM. This story character would just sit and think--and that's what Mike did. Mike was a fair dinkum thinkum, sharpest computer you'll ever meet.

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The Molecular Basis of Cancer Edition 4

Research in molecular genetics and cancer biology and advances in analytical technologies have revolutionized our understanding of cancer. Over the past three decades, there has been a massive acceleration in discoveries and observations that explains the genetic basis of cancer, a disease that until recently was thought about primarily in purely descriptive terms. Conversely, the study of malignancy has transformed our understanding of the molecular and genetic processes that govern the growth and proliferation of normal cells.

By 1995, our knowledge had expanded to the point that we felt it worthwhile to write a textbook describing the molecular basis of cancer for students, researchers, and providers of clinical care from a variety of disciplines. The aim in this fourth edition of the textbook continues to explain, rather than to merely recount.

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The Physics of the Standard Model and Beyond

Great advances in particle physics have been attained in the last several decades. In the development of the new generation of accelerators and detectors, the quantity and quality of the data on various interaction processes have been vastly increased and our knowledge of particle physics became surprisingly fruitful. Moreover, many interesting and new ideas were proposed and developed successfully in quantum field theories for describing strong, electromagnetic and weak interactions. Those new ideas were concentrated into a simple and beautiful theory known as the standard model in the late 1960's which was formulated in the framework of non-Abelian gauge theory and was extremely successful in describing a wide range of existing phenomena of elementary particles. However, it is also believed that the model is not the ultimate theory; it has many arbitrary parameters which cannot be predicted by the theory and fundamental problems, such as the hierarchy problem, which should be solved in some physics beyond the standard model, "New Physics". Thus it is a general consensus that to search for the evidences for physics beyond the standard model is the most urgent issue in the particle physics of the 21st century.

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SystemVerilog Assertions and Functional Coverage Guide to Language, Methodology and Applications Second Edition

The first edition of this book was well received, and the readers provided many a good suggestion on further elaboration of language semantics. Readers also pointed out some errata on the language syntax. I am greatly indebted to the readers and colleagues for their input and support. In addition, the IEEE 1800-2012 LRM came along. Many features of the 2012 LRM were missing in the first edition, since the LRM was not ready yet. This edition incorporates the errata/suggestions from readers as well as the IEEE 1800-2012 feature set. Among many, features such as ‘checkers,’ ‘let declarations,’ past and future global clock sampled value functions, strong and weak properties, abort properties, and ‘.triggered’ end point detection method are included. Furthermore, this edition adds many more examples and adds further clarification of the semantic nuances of the language.

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Social Causes of Health and Disease Second Edition

For more than half a century, medical sociology has evolved as a subdiscipline of mainstream sociology. At times it was more beholden to medicine than sociology for its support, even though the field became one of the most popular sociological specialties. Time invariably brings change and medical sociology has indeed changed since its inception. For example, the old claim that medical sociology is atheoretical has been definitively quashed; there is now even a specialized journal (Health and Social Theory) on the topic. Sociological theory, in fact, has become one of the most important and distinctive research tools in the field. Moreover, medical sociology has positioned itself to provide even more precise and extensive analyses of the social aspects of health and disease.

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Small Animal Surgery Fourth Edition

This fourth edition of Small Animal Surgery has undergone significant changes to provide a concise but cutting-edge reference for material that is valuable and necessary information for today’s busy practitioners and veterinary students. We have maintained some of the favorite aspects of this book including (1) a limited number of contributors, (2) an excellent art program, and (3) a consistent format that varies minimally between chapters. The fourth edition is available in two ways: (1) As a traditional print book and (2) as a print book plus Expert Consult companion website. The website includes additional learning tools: content updates, procedural videos, and case management studies. Thus, while providing a practical, traditional textbook we also offer a dynamic way of learning. We are extremely proud of this fourth edition and think that it is our best yet. We hope you agree.

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Mechanical Engineering Design

This text is intended for students beginning the study of mechanical engineering design. The focus is on blending fundamental development of concepts with practical specification of components. Students of this text should find that it inherently directs them into familiarity with both the basis for decisions and the standards of industrial components. For this reason, as students transition to practicing engineers, they will find that this text is indispensable as a reference text. The objectives of the text are to:

  • Cover the basics of machine design, including the design process, engineering mechanics and materials, failure prevention under static and variable loading, and characteristics of the principal types of mechanical elements
  • Offer a practical approach to the subject through a wide range of real-world applications and examples
  • Encourage readers to link design and analysis
  • Encourage readers to link fundamental concepts with practical component specification.

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Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

This book emphasizes the behavior and design requirements for earthquakeresistant reinforced concrete buildings. Design of a building for earthquake effects requires a different perspective than is required for other load effects. Earthquake loads are mainly absent during the life of a building, but suddenly may be applied with an intensity that drives the structure beyond the linear range of response in multiple loading cycles. Earthquake response of a structure is dynamic, with distributed inertial forces that act in all directions simultaneously. To meet established performance objectives under earthquake loading, a building requires a structural system that is appropriately configured, proportioned, and detailed. These complicated design conditions are beyond the scope of traditional reinforced concrete or earthquake engineering textbooks. This book aims to provide the focused and indepth treatment necessary to fully understand the design requirements for earthquake-resistant concrete buildings.

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Applied Stochastic Differential Equations

This book is an outgrowth of a set of lecture notes that has been extended with material from the doctoral theses of both authors and with a large amount of completely new material. The main motivation for the book is the application of stochastic differential equations (SDEs) in domains such as target tracking and medical technology and, in particular, their use in methodologies such as filtering, smoothing, parameter estimation, and machine learning. We have also included a wide range of examples of applications of SDEs arising in physics and electrical engineering.

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